Why You Need A Safer Internet

  • Who’s monitoring your kids’ online playtime and controlling their browsing activity?

  • Nearly one million new computer viruses are unleashed every day.1

  • Spam e-mails take only 82 seconds to dupe their first victim.1

  • Blackmail and ransomware attacks surged 113% last year, costing victims $300-$500.1

  • Hackers now hide malware inside software updates.1

  • Scams with fake “Like” buttons are on the rise on social-media platforms.1

  • 34% of students have experienced cyberbullying.2

  • Sex traffickers use the Internet to find and sell victims.3

  • There’s a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds.4

  • 40% of consumers have never performed updates on their devices.5

  • 48% of consumers are unaware that all their connected devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.5

  • Almost all “smart” home devices (TV’s, garage door openers, medical devices, etc.) are not protected from cyber-attacks.

  • Can you monitor all the devices connected to your network?


Network security shouldn’t be expensive – just simple. We’ve got you covered!

Through an easy process of downloading our secure, cloud-based software, you’ll have the Internet network protection you need to keep your home, business, and all devices under your network safe from harm – instantly!

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